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Unusual presents and souvenirs

gift Kalashnikov real size Light ceramic products and elegant porcelain wares always evoke in one’s mind the images of magnificence, aristocratic sophistication, grand luxury and exquisite aesthetics.

Simplicity and the airiness of forms along with the florid patterns, decorative design combined with the practical functionality of the ceramic and porcelain souvenirs make the tableware, shtoffs and souvenirs produced from such materials the best gift for all occasions.

Porcelain and ceramic wares, and various household utensils, dishes, presents and souvenirs made from such materials will be a welcomed present for a wedding, anniversary or graduation. You can surprise your colleagues and partners by presenting such original and authentic Russian porcelain souvenirs for the celebration of the New Year Eve or some corporative event.

Our company “Ceramic” has been successfully producing ceramics and porcelain since 1991. We create exclusive presents and souvenirs and special New-year gifts after specific designs in various styles. We try to satisfy all the needs of our customers producing the necessary amount of porcelain and ceramic presents. 

Ceramic Vase Handmade

The incredible professionalism, creativity, skill and experience of our company’s experts allow us to create products of the highest possible quality: New Year's gifts, ornamental objects for interior decoration, dishes, shtoffs, commemorative presents, corporative handmade presents (we can put the logo of your company on the porcelain) and luxury presents and souvenirs created individually after your model.

Working on our products we try to combine modern technologies and ancient traditions of porcelain and ceramics creation. We use only the high quality, natural materials and dyestuff. Our wares still hold the warmth their makers’ hands. Such products are truly the best possible gifts for the people you hold dear. The beauty and originality of our porcelain souvenirs will almost certainly touch the heart of every person. Even the slight glance at the modern and classical-style ceramics and handmade presents will make one immediately feel the influence of the genuine Russian cordiality and warmth, captured in every product. The company “Ceramics” takes orders for any presents and New-Year’s gifts created after our own designs or individual sketches. We bring our clients’ ideas into life on the highest technical level and in the shortest terms.

Gift - Ceramic Vase HandmadeContemporary fashion is tired of constant chase after the changes. Today people tend to return to timeless values, to almost forgotten classics and “ancient fables”. Natural, lively material of ceramics and porcelain, creative approach to the design and impeccable skills of our workers — all these factors make our product exclusive. This is why “Ceramic” hold the first place in the Russian souvenir-industry. The list of our clients speaks for itself. We’ve worked with “Russian Railways”, “Sberbank”, “RAO UES of Russia”, “Lukoil” and many others. We do our best, so that our decorative porcelain souvenirs, New Year's gift, tableware, shtoffs, vases, busts, figurines become worthy corporative presents for your business-partners and memorable souvenir for foreign guests.

Today Russian people tend to demonstrate an increasing interest in the history of their country. Our company shares the patriotic calling of fellow citizens and offers a great number of exclusive ceramic and porcelain presents with the historical and governmental symbols. Our products respond to the patriotic spirit of contemporary Russia, which makes them great presents for your friends and partners. Signs of victory, power and growth printed on corporative and New Year’s gifts, business-presents and luxury presents and souvenirs will most definitely consolidate your reputation, giving every member of the team a desire to achieve greater heights. No wonder, our wares are greatly appreciated by our governmental clients: The Moscow City Government, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, The Council of Federation and Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation.

We’ve already created a large variety of different designs, including original souvenirs and unusual handmade presents. Any governmental body or business-organization is sure to find some fitting corporative presents and souvenirs for its employees and clients. Our company creates products not only in the classical and traditional Russian design, but helps to create one of a kind custom gifts, which can make those who get them pretty happy. One of the most popular vip-souvenirs and corporative New Year’s gifts produced by our company is a clever idea that incorporates the main component of the Russian fest — vodka in different ceramic vessels that symbolize different professions. For example, we’ve created a shtoff that looks like AK 47 with the magazine bank that acts as a 100-gramm glass and a vodka-shtoff that looks like a can of “black gold”.

 Our traditional and contemporary handmade presents and souvenirs help to open up the image of modern developing Russia, whose potential might, vastness and deep cultural spirituality become only more vivid when portrayed in incredibly refined and exquisite forms of ceramic and porcelain souvenirs produced at the “Lefortovsky Farfor” factory.

VIP coach gift handmadeIf you tend to think that balalaika, Russian dolls and vodka are the only possible Russian souvenirs. Our online-shop will prove you wrong. It’s never been easier to buy souvenirs in Moscow. If only it was so easy to pick something among the richness of our product range. How do we pick something up among these goods? How do we find the right porcelain-shop? Internet is here to help you with these problems. Anyone can type in the browser the words “shop “Souvenirs” Moscow” and get the comprehensive information about the topic. No need to run around the shops and ask the acquaintances. It is very simple. You can pick up the necessary handmade presents (for example, New Year’s gifts) and make an order, without leaving the cozy home or office. By the way, it is well-known that many people like to celebrate different holidays with their colleagues. Such events help to draw closer people who work together. Common joy, happiness and celebration — what more can you ask for to make one’s life brighter and fuller! Corporative souvenirs are really meant for such occasions. Moscow is one of those cities where people understand that a good present is an essential component of creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in the office. That is why the company “Lefortovsky Farfor” considers the creation of corporative souvenirs and New Year’s present a very important deal.

Today we can proudly say that our ceramics is popular not only in Russia but also abroad. Thousands of people order our incredible shtoffs because these are the truly unusual souvenirs.

VIP gift Globe handmade

 This is something you won’t find anywhere else. Every product is a piece of decorative and applied art! Corporative presents and souvenirs are widely offered in Moscow. But only we can give you the present that will be desired in any office. All our shtoffs are absolutely individual, not like any other. Creating such souvenirs is pretty complicated process, especially when you care about practicalness and quality. We try to fulfill all the desires of our clients. This is why we have a special kind of service “Order of corporative gifts”. Any organization can order some souvenirs form us: mugs for the 23rd of February, gifts for the company’s anniversary or New Year’s presents. The work will be done in time and the product will remain its high quality. We’ve also organized a special service “Gross sales of souvenirs in Moscow”. It works fast and without any delays. We will deliver the ordered ceramic shtoffs and give you a huge discount. This service is particularly convenient for those organizations, that want to make a little surprise for their employees before the holidays. Feel free to look through the wares, represented in our online-shop: presents and souvenirs, business souvenirs, unusual presents. Make your choice. Please read the latest news about the recent presents.

We do not only create corporative souvenirs for individual customers. Our company also offers unique presents and souvenirs made after our own designs by wholesale. We will not let you down! Originality, reliability, quality, short terms and accurate delivery — all these things are beneficial, for our clients.